beautiful skin

When I initially saw the Vichy Normaderm commercial I was immediately persuaded to go out and buy the product. They assured the viewer that if the skin was out of balance (leading to blemishes, clogged pores, blackheads, and shine) then this was the magical solution. I'm sure there were lots of other products claiming the same facts, but there was something that pulled me toward Vichy. Ten years later I'm still an avid consumer.

Image courtesy of Vichy.

This is a great cleansing gel; it's so light it feels like you're washing your face with water. It's soap free, allergy tested & tested on sensitive skin. I (usually) don't even need to use makeup remover because it has such a deep cleanse without drying out the skin.

Image courtesy of Vichy.

I lovvve this stuff! Exfoliating gels are normally too harsh to use everyday but, as this one claims and as is true, you can! I really enjoy the feeling of the deep clean. It's personal preference, use this one if you prefer an exfoliating gel over a cleansing gel.

Image courtesy of Vichy.

This is fantastic, it makes the skin feel so soft & firm with a matte effect.

Image courtesy of Vichy.

This is the ultimate lotion! Before I found Vichy I would steer clear of lotions for my face because my skin is oily, but I love the way my face feels after I apply this. It's oil free so it doesn't have a greasy finish and my skin soaks it right up leaving no shine whatsoever. The fact that it fights the cycle of acne imperfections is an added bonus. Oh and it smells really yummy!

Image courtesy of Vichy.

This works really well if you want to clear up problem spots because it has a higher concentrate of Salicylic Acid to treat breakouts & blackheads, while at the same time, preventing them from reappearing.

Image courtesy of Vichy.

And last but certainly not least, this is lovely to wear if you don't feel like wearing any foundation. Just rub a little on the shiny areas of your face and you'll have a naturally matte look.

They also offer a night cream that won the User Choice Award but I don't use it so I can't give a review on it, sorry!



Images courtesy of ssense.

There are days when I believe I should own an iphone and today is one of those days. Dannijo has designed the alluring and crafty Reid & Rawson, form fitting two-piece hard shell iphone 4 cases with a kaleidoscopic fabric backing. If it weren't for my addiction to BBM I would have an iphone and this heavenly case would already be in the mail on the way to my front door. If you'd like to pick one up for yourself you can order it for $105 at ssense.com.


Images courtesy of Pixiwoo & M.A.C. Cosmetics. Graphics courtesy of boundlessobsessions©.

British makeup artists Samantha and Nicola Chapman are fantastically inspirational and are, without a doubt, my latest obsession. Doing makeup has always been one of my most favorite pastimes so when I stumbled upon Sam and Nic I was instantly electrified. 

Their website, pixiwoo.com, provides video instructions on the basics of makeup application, to current trends and celebrity looks. The products that they use in each tutorial are always listed, so it's a piece of cake to go out and purchase what you need to do it yourself! To top it off, they often review beauty products and host giveaways. If you have a passion for beauty and makeup you will absolutely adore these women. 

Get the look...

Image courtesy of Pixiwoo.

wishing you a love filled family day

Image courtesy of Kate Spade via Katie Evans.

Happy family day Canada!


cue imagination

Image courtesy of Fotòfilo Mimmo.

Can you guess what this is?

she loves her doggie more than anything

Meet Bean's boyfriend, a stuffed animal that I purchased at Tadpole Children's Shoppe shortly after I adopted her three years ago. At the time, this toy was bigger than her but she loved it all the same. She strategically chewed off the eyeballs as well as the nose and with a quick sew to close up the holes it was as good as new. Bean has never been the kind of dog to destroy things, she's a lady, so I believe she chewed them off because she didn't like how they disrupted the soft surface. 

I cut the tag off a long time ago and I completely regret it. One day this thing will not come out of the washing machine in one piece, and when that day comes, it will be a sad one. I went back to Tadpole to see if I could get her a backup but I was too late on this task, they had no idea what company this stuffed animal belonged to. I wish I knew because I would recommend this toy to mom's, after all, it is meant for a human child. I've had it for three years, it's been whipped & thrown & washed over & over and it's still in good shape!

I would say that this toy is Bean's number one obsession. When we travel, she feels more comfortable if it's in her carrier with her, and her eyes light up every time she catches a glimpse of it. But the reason we call this toy her boyfriend is because she shamelessly humps it on a daily basis. It's actually quite funny because she has been loyal to him for her entire life. She has never, ever humped anything else (thankfully).

What will she do when he "dies"? How will I replace him?

japan knows how to love

Image courtesy of Gucci.
Image courtesy of Gucci.

If you are in Japan between February 1st & March 15th you may just be able to luxuriate in the most delicious product Gucci has ever created. The Gucci Cafe, located in the Gucci Ginza boutique, is offering Valentine's Day special limited desserts! All I can say is, will teleportation be perfected before mid-March? For those of you that are lucky enough to indulge in these delights, the desserts include caramel cinnamon mousse with white chocolate cream, topped with a pink GG pattern decoration & mousse of champagne with red berry and champagne jelly. YUM!

drooling over dog carriers

This was my pup (Bean) three years ago & three years later I'm still using the same carrier. It has become one of her many obsessions. If I happen to be getting ready to go out, she will run over to her bag & hop in with desperate expectation that she will get to come with me. It's one of the cutest moments ever, but if I have to leave her at home it's also incredibly heartbreaking. I've been on the prowl for a new carrier for quite some time now. During my search, I came across the most precious bags & I have a weakness for them all, especially the Ralph Lauren.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Dog Bag. Images courtesy of petinsurance.com.
Gucci Dog Carrier. Images courtesy of petinsurance.com.
Ralph Lauren Crocodile Dog Carrier. Image courtesy of petinsurance.com.


footsteps to greece

Image courtesy of shoesshopz.com.

Alexander McQueen is certainly one of my favorite designers so I was devastated when, just over a year ago, he committed suicide. BUT, his legacy will live on, I hope. I was sadly disenchanted by his Spring 2011 runway show. I suppose Sarah Burton is trying to steer the label in a new direction using softer & more feminine looks but it was the hard, somber, & ominous shows that I had an appetite for. Although, I must say that I was completely excited by the shoes! I'm loving the inspiration from antique carved wood, & the incorporation of wheat is just brilliant! I would never think that a wheat blend shoe would be wearable but it is entirely wearable! These treats to the eye make me yearn for an afternoon in Santorini.

I did adore from his spring show...

Image courtesy of shoesshopz.com. Graphics courtesy of boundlessobsessions©.

elephant magic everywhere i go

In my dreamworld I have a pet elephant and he follows me everywhere. 

This song on its own is sublime but the video is what created my obsession. Check out Everywhere I Go by Lissie.

the ultimate brand is J

Images courtesy of J Brand. Graphics courtesy of boundlessobsessions©.

When it comes to jeans, comfort and fit are undeniably the most important deciding factor before investing, at least for me anyway. Obviously they have to look spectacular, but if the jean doesn't fit right, I don't wear 'em. 

J Brand is notorious for their contour molding fit, timeless styles and impeccable quality. I'm a curvy woman with a small waist and a big booty so for years it was impossible to find the right pair of jeans, that is, until I effortlessly slipped on the Love Story. I've been hooked ever since. All of their styles are great for women of any shape, even their maternity jeans are jaw-dropping. If you're ever feeling like your thighs will never unite with denim again because of too many wastefully disappointing try-ons, look no further than J Brand.

malta: home away from home

I was recently overcome with acute nostalgia from my days spent in Malta. My father was born there so in the summer of 2001 he brought us over to get a taste of the Maltese culture. I was in love with the country the moment I stepped off the plane. The fresh hot air hit my face like an oven but the crisp ocean breeze could be felt almost anywhere, it was the perfect balance. I'm a big fan of neutral tones so I felt very tranquil being there, surrounded by limestone walls and camel hued terrain. The lack of vegetation was calming, compared to very green and occupied Ontario, as it emphasized the laid-back lifestyle this island is so accustomed to. 

This is truly the ultimate place to escape and recharge. 

The people are all so hospitable it's almost overwhelming, but also incredibly refreshing. Everyone lives outside. Day or night the streets are always filled with friendly faces and echos of laughter, it's magical. What's more, the country is overflowing with history! In fact, the megalithic temples are said to belong to the oldest buildings in the world, older than Stonehenge and the pyramids. I went into one of the underground temples and it was quite eerie to know that the mummified bodies in front of me were that old.

Coming from a culture that is obsessed with consuming, it was very inspiring to witness, first hand, the modesty of these wonderful people. They value family, friends and delectable Mediterranean food.

We went back in 2004 and it was so nice to see my relatives again. The familiarity was comforting and from then on it has always felt like my home away from home.

zoe booties

Image courtsey of Chic Intuition LLC.

These Balenciaga inspired Sam Edelman wedge booties are my go to shoes lately. There's something about them that I just can't get enough of. Other than the fact that they're super comfortable for being 5 inch heels they're also much more affordable than the Balenciaga's. I just adore the versatility of them; the buckles come undone to enable an easy removal of the edgy detail, and the shoe flawlessly transforms from a casual "rebel with a cause" daytime look into sophisticatedly simple yet unique nightwear. They're the quintessential travel shoe, especially if you want to travel light because it's really two shoes in one! 

They were first released in 2007 and sold out everywhere. On account of the intense high demand, Edelman re-released them in Fall 2010 and named them ZOE. You can find them for around $200 at Nasty Gal or Ebay, but hurry because they're selling out again fast!

vintage memories

There's something about a decaying photograph that enlivens the soul. It's true that we have come so far by way of technology, and digital cameras are fun to play around with, but the simplicity of an old camera is supreme. These are photographs of my family; grandparents and other elders. I wonder what they would think about the world today.

cupcakes + seashells

Rainbow bit cupcakes should banished, they're far too delicious; I would do anything to get my hands on one right now! Last summer my parents hosted a fabulous beach inspired engagement party for my fiancé and I. The décor, food, drinks & laughter was altogether enchanting. 

To this day, I still dream about the cupcakes. Rainbow bit cake with homemade cream cheese frosting, topped with a Guylian Belgium chocolate. If you plan on hosting a party in the near future, steer clear of a cake and opt for cupcakes! The seashell chocolates were a perfect compliment to the beach theme, use your imagination and top your cupcakes with a unique decoration.

book review: water for elephants + sarah's key

Image courtesy of amazon.com.
Image courtesy of amazon.com.

I recently completely lost myself in these novels. Reading is one of my biggest obsessions of all time & I deeply value a good recommendation. I'm not sure how I originally came across these books but I'm so so glad that I did! 

Water for Elephants is narrated by Jacob, who is such a pleasant character that mentally, emotionally, & spiritually grows so much throughout the course of his life as he travels with the circus. This novel follows him for the duration of most of his lifetime and let me tell you, it is extremely compelling! If you love animals your stomach may turn from the brutality they endure behind the scenes in the circus during the Great Depression. But the overwhelming feeling of compassion that Gruen portrays will enthrall you. The movie is coming to theaters soon, starring Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon, so get your read on before it's released!

Sarah's Key is spectacular. It centers around the 1942 Paris roundups & deportations of Jewish families by the Paris authorities. The story is fictitious but the historical event is dreadfully real. The novel jumps back & forth between two characters living 60 years apart, connected by a single apartment in Paris. It is such a captivating novel, I couldn't put it down. I highly, highly recommend this one.           

nail polish: current color obsession

I change my taste in nail polish almost everyday. Today, I have a soft spot for the above colors. OPI is a universally loved brand & for good reason. Its streak free glossy finish is irresistible, and they each have the most amusing names! From left to right the colors are Sweet Heart, Samoan Sand, I'm Indi-A Mood For Love, & Miami Beet.

delicious pigments

Like the warm sunshine on a summer day, makeup just makes me want to smile. It can cover a blemish before a first date or give you the confidence to land a sweet job. Women cherish it, men wish they could wear it. While I will forever be loyal to certain products, I yearn to find succulent new lip glosses & experiment with eyeshadows that are on the side of the rainbow that I don't frequent often. It's humbling to know that, as women, we're given the ability to wake up each morning and choose how we want to look. We're able to translate our emotions, feelings & desires into different applications of lipsticks, eyeshadows & blush. That choice is what makes us so mysterious.

Must have products (as seen above)... 

Image courtesy of Chanel.
I searched high & low for the perfect foundation until I came across this one. My skin is really oily so I never cared much for foundation. I felt it left a caked on feeling & I much preferred to just rock my blemishes as best as I could. This foundation is light, airy & makes the skin feel oh so silky smooth. It provides a medium coverage & a matte finish. I absolutely adore this product. On the other hand, if your skin is dry I suggest trying the CHANEL Vitalumiere, you will not be disappointed!

Image courtesy of Sephora.
I love love love this primer. It has an instant mattifying effect that primes your skin for blending, allows your skin to breathe, & helps treat acne all in one! It's also free of parabens, oils & fragrances. It works on all skin types but it's especially wonderful for those with oily skin or those prone to breakouts.

Image courtesy of M.A.C.Cosmetics.
This concealer offers flawless coverage & is incredibly lightweight. It can be worn alone, without foundation, if you want to go for a more natural daytime look and have dark circles under the eyes or blemish's you need to quickly cover up, but also works in perfect unison with the CHANEL foundation so I always have this product on hand.

Image courtesy of NARS Cosmetics.
I've been using this bronzer for years & every time I go astray I regret it. It has a slight shimmer but just enough, not too much. The main reason this is my go-to bronzer is because I find it looks flattering on my pale winter skin as well as on my brown summer glow, no need to have 2 shades!

Image courtesy of M.A.C.Cosmetics.
Sunkissed cheeks are what this blush does best. Add a tiny dab and start your day looking like you just returned from a relaxing vacation. This shade appears extremely pink in the container but it has the most sultry peachy hue on the skin.

Image courtesy of Clinque.
This is my ultimate go-to daytime mascara & has been for years. It never clumps! Although it does have a high impact effect by way of making eyelashes go on for days, it isn't too thick or obnoxious so I find it perfect for the day.

Image courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.
Make sure you have a quality eye make-up remover on hand when using this product as it goes on thick and stays on like glue--perfect for night! This mascara has the ability to deceive onlookers into thinking you're wearing fake eyelashes. 
Image courtesy of M.A.C.Cosmetics.
I'm absolutely, utterly & completely obsessed with this product. I've been using it for the past 10 years. I've seen them change up the packaging but they've never discontinued it because it's just that divine! It is super-duper long lasting & tastes like vanilla icing. It makes the driest of lips feel so supple, even my fiancé can't get enough of it. I use the color free balm but it's also available with a tint. And it also comes in a tube or as a stick, but the pot is what I've known and come to love so that's what I'm sticking with. If I could endorse one product & one product only for the rest of my life, it would be this. I cannot live without it.

Image courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.
For plump & shine I always head to Bobbi Brown's lip glosses. Their enduring glisten is so seductive, it's a must have for night looks or worn alone for a fresh, youthful daytime look. I misplaced my Champagne Pink tube & I'm devastated because it was a limited edition holiday gloss so it's no where to be found. Almost Bare is delectable though.

Honorable mentions...

Image courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave

Image courtesy of Hard Candy.