the ultimate brand is J

Images courtesy of J Brand. Graphics courtesy of boundlessobsessions©.

When it comes to jeans, comfort and fit are undeniably the most important deciding factor before investing, at least for me anyway. Obviously they have to look spectacular, but if the jean doesn't fit right, I don't wear 'em. 

J Brand is notorious for their contour molding fit, timeless styles and impeccable quality. I'm a curvy woman with a small waist and a big booty so for years it was impossible to find the right pair of jeans, that is, until I effortlessly slipped on the Love Story. I've been hooked ever since. All of their styles are great for women of any shape, even their maternity jeans are jaw-dropping. If you're ever feeling like your thighs will never unite with denim again because of too many wastefully disappointing try-ons, look no further than J Brand.

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  1. Anonymous21.3.11

    J brand is the only brand that fits my body!