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Like the warm sunshine on a summer day, makeup just makes me want to smile. It can cover a blemish before a first date or give you the confidence to land a sweet job. Women cherish it, men wish they could wear it. While I will forever be loyal to certain products, I yearn to find succulent new lip glosses & experiment with eyeshadows that are on the side of the rainbow that I don't frequent often. It's humbling to know that, as women, we're given the ability to wake up each morning and choose how we want to look. We're able to translate our emotions, feelings & desires into different applications of lipsticks, eyeshadows & blush. That choice is what makes us so mysterious.

Must have products (as seen above)... 

Image courtesy of Chanel.
I searched high & low for the perfect foundation until I came across this one. My skin is really oily so I never cared much for foundation. I felt it left a caked on feeling & I much preferred to just rock my blemishes as best as I could. This foundation is light, airy & makes the skin feel oh so silky smooth. It provides a medium coverage & a matte finish. I absolutely adore this product. On the other hand, if your skin is dry I suggest trying the CHANEL Vitalumiere, you will not be disappointed!

Image courtesy of Sephora.
I love love love this primer. It has an instant mattifying effect that primes your skin for blending, allows your skin to breathe, & helps treat acne all in one! It's also free of parabens, oils & fragrances. It works on all skin types but it's especially wonderful for those with oily skin or those prone to breakouts.

Image courtesy of M.A.C.Cosmetics.
This concealer offers flawless coverage & is incredibly lightweight. It can be worn alone, without foundation, if you want to go for a more natural daytime look and have dark circles under the eyes or blemish's you need to quickly cover up, but also works in perfect unison with the CHANEL foundation so I always have this product on hand.

Image courtesy of NARS Cosmetics.
I've been using this bronzer for years & every time I go astray I regret it. It has a slight shimmer but just enough, not too much. The main reason this is my go-to bronzer is because I find it looks flattering on my pale winter skin as well as on my brown summer glow, no need to have 2 shades!

Image courtesy of M.A.C.Cosmetics.
Sunkissed cheeks are what this blush does best. Add a tiny dab and start your day looking like you just returned from a relaxing vacation. This shade appears extremely pink in the container but it has the most sultry peachy hue on the skin.

Image courtesy of Clinque.
This is my ultimate go-to daytime mascara & has been for years. It never clumps! Although it does have a high impact effect by way of making eyelashes go on for days, it isn't too thick or obnoxious so I find it perfect for the day.

Image courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.
Make sure you have a quality eye make-up remover on hand when using this product as it goes on thick and stays on like glue--perfect for night! This mascara has the ability to deceive onlookers into thinking you're wearing fake eyelashes. 
Image courtesy of M.A.C.Cosmetics.
I'm absolutely, utterly & completely obsessed with this product. I've been using it for the past 10 years. I've seen them change up the packaging but they've never discontinued it because it's just that divine! It is super-duper long lasting & tastes like vanilla icing. It makes the driest of lips feel so supple, even my fiancé can't get enough of it. I use the color free balm but it's also available with a tint. And it also comes in a tube or as a stick, but the pot is what I've known and come to love so that's what I'm sticking with. If I could endorse one product & one product only for the rest of my life, it would be this. I cannot live without it.

Image courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.
For plump & shine I always head to Bobbi Brown's lip glosses. Their enduring glisten is so seductive, it's a must have for night looks or worn alone for a fresh, youthful daytime look. I misplaced my Champagne Pink tube & I'm devastated because it was a limited edition holiday gloss so it's no where to be found. Almost Bare is delectable though.

Honorable mentions...

Image courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave

Image courtesy of Hard Candy.

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