she loves her doggie more than anything

Meet Bean's boyfriend, a stuffed animal that I purchased at Tadpole Children's Shoppe shortly after I adopted her three years ago. At the time, this toy was bigger than her but she loved it all the same. She strategically chewed off the eyeballs as well as the nose and with a quick sew to close up the holes it was as good as new. Bean has never been the kind of dog to destroy things, she's a lady, so I believe she chewed them off because she didn't like how they disrupted the soft surface. 

I cut the tag off a long time ago and I completely regret it. One day this thing will not come out of the washing machine in one piece, and when that day comes, it will be a sad one. I went back to Tadpole to see if I could get her a backup but I was too late on this task, they had no idea what company this stuffed animal belonged to. I wish I knew because I would recommend this toy to mom's, after all, it is meant for a human child. I've had it for three years, it's been whipped & thrown & washed over & over and it's still in good shape!

I would say that this toy is Bean's number one obsession. When we travel, she feels more comfortable if it's in her carrier with her, and her eyes light up every time she catches a glimpse of it. But the reason we call this toy her boyfriend is because she shamelessly humps it on a daily basis. It's actually quite funny because she has been loyal to him for her entire life. She has never, ever humped anything else (thankfully).

What will she do when he "dies"? How will I replace him?

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