malta: home away from home

I was recently overcome with acute nostalgia from my days spent in Malta. My father was born there so in the summer of 2001 he brought us over to get a taste of the Maltese culture. I was in love with the country the moment I stepped off the plane. The fresh hot air hit my face like an oven but the crisp ocean breeze could be felt almost anywhere, it was the perfect balance. I'm a big fan of neutral tones so I felt very tranquil being there, surrounded by limestone walls and camel hued terrain. The lack of vegetation was calming, compared to very green and occupied Ontario, as it emphasized the laid-back lifestyle this island is so accustomed to. 

This is truly the ultimate place to escape and recharge. 

The people are all so hospitable it's almost overwhelming, but also incredibly refreshing. Everyone lives outside. Day or night the streets are always filled with friendly faces and echos of laughter, it's magical. What's more, the country is overflowing with history! In fact, the megalithic temples are said to belong to the oldest buildings in the world, older than Stonehenge and the pyramids. I went into one of the underground temples and it was quite eerie to know that the mummified bodies in front of me were that old.

Coming from a culture that is obsessed with consuming, it was very inspiring to witness, first hand, the modesty of these wonderful people. They value family, friends and delectable Mediterranean food.

We went back in 2004 and it was so nice to see my relatives again. The familiarity was comforting and from then on it has always felt like my home away from home.

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