footsteps to greece

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Alexander McQueen is certainly one of my favorite designers so I was devastated when, just over a year ago, he committed suicide. BUT, his legacy will live on, I hope. I was sadly disenchanted by his Spring 2011 runway show. I suppose Sarah Burton is trying to steer the label in a new direction using softer & more feminine looks but it was the hard, somber, & ominous shows that I had an appetite for. Although, I must say that I was completely excited by the shoes! I'm loving the inspiration from antique carved wood, & the incorporation of wheat is just brilliant! I would never think that a wheat blend shoe would be wearable but it is entirely wearable! These treats to the eye make me yearn for an afternoon in Santorini.

I did adore from his spring show...

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  1. Anonymous20.2.11

    These are some serious shoes!