landscape melodies

I'd jump at the chance to go on a road trip anytime, anywhere; I absolutely cherish them. Perhaps that stems from the many journey's I went on as a child with my family, or possibly from my partially innate solitude nature, either way, I can't live without them.

Throughout my life I've always created playlists for my travels and I continuously title them "landscape songs," "landscape music," etc. There's just something about a certain melody in a song that belongs in a car on the road, whilst looking out into the vast emptiness of farm fields or grandeur mountainous terrain. 

I listened to the following song on repeat for who knows how long, while I robotically drove through Iowa. Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous15.3.11

    I can see why you liked this song for driving, it has an ethereal sound that would be perfect fo driving and dreaming.