book review: a million little pieces

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My review of A Million Little Pieces is not affected by the controversy that James Frey may not have actually experienced all of the events in this book, and that they were just fabricated tales. 

The vivid imagery and the unique way of his recounting his life only points to the fact that this is an intelligent man, an intelligent man that was severely trapped in addiction and alcoholism. It is raw and it is real and I liked that. The specific detail of certain happenings is impressive, which has probably led some to think he falsified the stories. But the truth is that he has experienced intense turmoil throughout his life and he has chosen to expose it to the world; this should be applauded. My emotions ride the wave of his words in this book. I sympathize with his resistance to "the only way that works for everyone" in terms of recovery. I too believe that there may be many different ways in which we all fight our demons and dreadful desires. This memoir allows me to view addicts and alcoholics in a new light, and I appreciate that. 

If some of the events do not check out in terms of accuracy, well so be it, our memory is never entirely accurate anyway, and who's to say how he interpreted them. Now on to My Friend Leonard...

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  1. Anonymous19.3.11

    very insightful review of this book, I look forward to reading it to see if I share this view