spring inspirations

Spring is such a lovely time of year, I'd have to say it's right on par with my feelings for summer, but in a different sort of way. 


It's a time for new beginnings. A time when fuzzy buds come out of hiding on magnolia branches, and birds chirp as loud and far as the wind can carry. 

This season, I'm feeling a sense of nostalgia for the years I never lived. I want to shop at thrift stores more often and wear copious amounts of vintage jewelry. I want to wear soft, buttery, neutral hues, and add a punch to the soul with compelling shoes and bright colors. Here's my spring 2011 style inspiration board...

Images courtesy of Chloe, Kenneth Jay Lane, Chanel, House of Harlow 1960, Alexander McQueen, Amanda Kew Lee. Graphics courtesy of boundlessobsessions©.

Along with helping my closet evolve, I'm also looking forward to reading a few books that are being released this spring. In contrast to my style cravings, I want to explore debut novelists. I'm usually so caught up with memoirs and classic literature that I'm curious to read the new stuff. And in light of spring, I think it's quite appropriate to show support to budding authors while I'm at it! 

Nina-Marie Gardner's novel Sherry & Narcotics is set to be released by Future Fiction London in May. Karl Friedrich's novel Wings: A Novel of World War II Flygirls will be released in April by McBooks Press. And Brian Cartwright's Losing the Light is released this month by Atlatl Press. If you're interested in their synopsis, check them out at Goodreads.

Images courtesy of Goodreads.

Do-it-yourself projects are always fun and they're bound to invoke of a sense of pride and accomplishment; these are perfect feelings to embrace in the springtime. As I was browsing one of my most adored blogs, The Decorista, I came across a project that I must do. There are often times that I'll visit a thrift shop and overlook certain staple pieces because their current state is so unappealing. But a little glossy paint can go a long way. Below is a transformation that inspires me to transform my living space. 


Image courtesy of The Decorista.


Image courtesy of The Decorista.

Happy Spring Equinox everyone!


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    this blog is amazing !

  2. Love your blog!
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  3. Anonymous22.3.11

    Love that dresser....you can do some amazing things with just a little paint.