toronto fall/winter fashion week

I had the pleasure of attending the fall/winter runway show for the talented Amanda Lew Kee last week, and it was spectacular. She of course embraced lots of black on black & gray (her use of these shades are always impeccable) in various fabrics (chiffon and velvet, among others). She also incorporated bursts of color here and there with out of the ordinary fabrics, which to be honest, I didn't care for. I absolutely adored her use of sheer fabrics, and I always love her leggings! (And if you notice, all of her models, and Lew Kee herself, were rocking a studded version of the Sam Edelman Zoe booty--I told you it was the go-to shoe!)

The show was hosted at The Heritage Centre at Exhibition Place and the venue was designed beautifully. I thought it was hilarious that they included BBM barcodes on the mannequins, because as sad as it is, that really is becoming a representation of our identity. 

I also enjoyed viewing some of the work by other designers, pictured above. There are some really wonderful pieces for fall/winter this year, it makes me feel a little better about summer always flying by so fast. 

Here are a few of her best looks for fall/winter 2011:

Images courtesy of Toronto Life.

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