book review: the bell jar

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The Bell Jar is poet Sylvia Plath's one and only novel, and it is neurotically lovely!

Plath explores the tribulations of being a virgin woman in the mid-twentieth century and, as has been suggested, of her own personal life. Although the protagonist, Esther Greenwood, is leading the path to her eventual confinement in an asylum, she is strangely easy to relate to. Always over analyzing situations, feeling the urge to do everything in life (not just one career path, or one location to live), having a hard time understanding the actions of others, and many more "insane issues" that prompt her (sort of) boyfriend into pronouncing her as neurotic.

The imagery in the novel is utterly wonderful, due to the fact that Plath is a marvelous poet. Even if the plot was lacking, the imagery alone could keep me stimulated until the very last word.

I do highly recommend this novel, although I have a feeling some may pass it off as uninteresting. If not the novel, I suggest you read some of her poetry!

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